Mobile technologies such as location awareness and interactions with external systems over a network can bring significant benefits in our daily lives. It also brings with it some concerns. The Velexsoft Solution was carefully designed to address some of these concerns.


The adoption of cloud services provides features such as registration, app authentication, software configuration, and dissemination of vehicle information to mobile devices. Velexsoft designed this solution to prevent remote access to the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system outside of a preconfigured and authorized mobile application instance. 


Real-time vehicle data retrieved by the sensors are organized and stored on the end users mobile device. User has the option to upload vehicle information to the cloud or manage vehicle information directly on their dedicated mobile device. Only the end user has access to this information and can share this with any third party.


Tracking of route, speed and parking information is optional and can be disabled. If enabled, all of the information is stored on the end-users mobile device.  The end-user has the option to upload this information to the cloud or manage it on the device. Velex will not access, transfer, or share this information.