Vehicle Information

Information about your vehicle

Take your time to learn about your vehicle and its components. Look up basic and detailed vehicle information when making a new purchase or reconnecting with your own vehicle.

  • Basic Vehicle Information
  • Vehicle Specification
  • Pricing information
  • Engine Information
  • Transmission Information
  • Equipment Information

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle reference maintenance information

Descriptions of services to be performed, the condition upon which to perform service, special operating cases under which maintenance must be performed, and OEM maintenance patterns. Service conditions include:

  • Miles
  • Months
  • Operating hours
  • Computer code
  • Special events


Review and troubleshoot monitor related issues

  • Analyze vehicle monitors and their readiness states
  • Provide detailed test results, freeze frame and steps in identifying monitor related issues
  • Monitors help your vehicle - Environmentally friendly 

Diagnostics SCAN

Run diagnostic analysis

Provides full diagnostic capabilities.

  • Run diagnostic scan to retrieve permanent, stored, or pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
  • View vehicle info logs and freeze frame data
  • Clear check engine light and trouble codes

Vehicle Parameters 

Realtime Vehicle Operational data

  • Data received depends on the type of vehicle and the available sensors 
  • Each parameter displayed contains a detailed description and range to help verify operating values conform to the appropriate ranges
  • The information obtained are  vital to the operation of the vehicle as well as for trouble shooting

Application Manual

indept documentation of Application use and vehicle diagnostics & Components

  • Description of vehicle components
  • Calculations used for estimating variables
  • Application Manual Gallery


Interface for realtime values of Vehicle parameters

  • Visual representation of realtime information such as vehicle speed, RPM, Mass Air flow rate, electrical values and more
  • Dashboard also provides performance calculations, fuel consumption rate, engine performance, power and torque


advance data and reporting structures

  • Reports help provide vehicle information and operational values at different instances during the application lifecycle
  • Reports can be generated and/or shared with service providers or mechanics
  • Allows for SMOG Check Reports and emission calculations
  • Allows for setup of vehicle information within choose interval for  historic performance or degradation analysis
  • Allows for the generation of complete vehicle health reports, to include monitors, DTC lists, engine performance etc



Some of the most important settings section include:

  • Connection Type and configurations
  • Application Layout is primarily midnight and chrome
  • Application units can be set up globally
  • Storage options, choice of phone or SD Card
  • Speed Limit , Alert and notifications
  • Maintenance settings
  • Vehicle Health and Automatic Monitoring settings

Maps & Location

Maps and locational feature

Maps and Locational features can be enabled or disabled. NOTE: May incur additional data rates, please discuss with your mobile service provider.

  • Allows for vehicle parking locational history
  • Allows for Road tracking and retrieval all route specific information such as speed limit and road type
  • Allows for location of nearby mechanics and automobile services